Happy Wheels

Happy Wheels


Happy Wheels

Test your driving and obstacle-overcoming skills in Happy Wheels. It is an obstacle racing game in which you must steer characters in various vehicles to avoid numerous hazardous obstacles. Don't let any carelessness harm your character! That would be so pathetic!

How To Play

Are you ready for the difficult and dangerous challenges in Happy Wheels? Your character must drive many different types of vehicles, such as wheelchairs or bicycles. In dangerous situations, master the joystick and control it flexibly and skillfully. On the way, you will encounter many dangerous obstacles, such as spikes, saw blades, mines, large stones, holes, nails, etc. They will appear suddenly, so it's crucial to react quickly to avoid them. Always take precautions and be careful to ensure your character's safety. Don't let any carelessness cause your character to injure his arms, legs, head, etc. It's very catastrophic! Get ready to overcome more than 60 challenging levels and prove your skills!


  • Use the arrow keys to control
  • To exit the vehicle, use Z.
  • Use SPACEBAR to bounce.
  • Shift and Control = Secondary Action

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