Among Us

Among Us

Among Us

Embark on an exciting adventure with many mysteries in Among Us. A famous game with attractive gameplay that has been making waves for a long time. The game attracts gamers thanks to colorful graphics and an attractive storyline between the Impostor and Crewmate factions. The game forces players to reason and judge, requiring a wise strategy to become the ultimate winner. Will you succeed with your plot?

How To Play

Select a room, and then wait for other players in the lobby to begin. You get to pick your character's color and headwear. The game will randomly split members into impostor and crewmate groups. Generally speaking, Impostor only has one or two members; the remaining members are crewmates. The unique aspect is that members are the only ones who can truly understand others' roles. In the chat window, the display name and text will appear in red if you are an impostor. After that, you'll collaborate with other players to complete tasks in order to win.

The crew's top priorities are to repair the ship and be on the lookout for imposters. Relocate to a busy area to avoid defeat by an impostor. Regularly monitoring security cameras will help you quickly identify imposters in the event that they act. Everyone wants to prove they are not impostors, so be cautious around players. Playing Impostor requires initiative on the part of the player, but you also need to stay vigilant to avoid getting thrown off the ship too soon. Limit the number of crewmates you defeat when you are with two or more people to avoid detection.

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