Geometry Dash SubZero

Geometry Dash SubZero


Geometry Dash SubZero

Get ready for the temperature drop with Geometry Dash SubZero, a brand-new game from the Geometry Dash series with three challenging and unique levels!

Feel the Temperature Drop with Geometry Dash SubZero!

Whether you are a big fan of the Geometry Dash series or simply want to try something new, Geometry Dash SubZero is guaranteed to keep you on your toes at all times! The premise of the game can’t be more simple: lead the character through a series of obstacles and make it to the end of the level without crashing into anything—all while using one button! However, as soon as players give the game a try, they will soon realize that it is no easy task to complete a level on their first attempt. Will you be the one to achieve that feat?

Geometry Dash SubZero is one of the spin-off titles from the Geometry Dash series. The game was originally made to showcase new features, which will soon be implemented in the main Geometry Dash game with the long-awaited Update 2.2. In the meantime, players can have plenty of chances to be mesmerized with completely new animation effects and three new levels!

Features: Iconic Evolution

  • Three brand-new levels from one of the most loved game series!
  • Fast-paced and highly addictive gameplay!
  • Vibe to the amazing soundtrack, with a song unique to each level!
  • Super simple controls with only one button needed!
  • Experience the new features that will take your gameplay to the next level!

Conquering the Cube: How to Play

Just like the original Geometry Dash, this game lets players choose any of the three levels to get started. However, for the best experience, it is recommended that they start in the order of increasing difficulty to become familiar with the controls and timing of the game. Players control the character by pressing either the spacebar or the left mouse button to make him jump and holding either of the buttons for consecutive jumps. It should be noted that this means of control won’t be consistent throughout the level since the button acts differently depending on the form of the character.

The game offers two main modes:

  • Normal Mode: This is the standard mode of the game and the only way for the player to actually complete a level. To progress in this mode, the character needs to reach the end of the level without crashing into anything.
  • Practice Mode: This mode is for players who want to familiarize themselves with the layout of the level. As they progress in the level, the checkpoints will be placed automatically, letting them return to the nearest one once they collide with obstacles.

For an extra layer of difficulty, players can challenge themselves to find the three secret coins in each level. They are often in hard-to-reach places and require a higher level of skills.

The levels available in Geometry Dash SubZero

Press Start (Normal 4⭐)

As the first level of the game, Press Start has a strong start with a completely new animation and transition, taking both new and veteran Geometry Dash players by surprise. The highlight of the level is the “chasing” sequence with references to the Mario games. After a while, the character will have to go through the iconic green tunnel, which leads to a completely new area resembling a classic platformer level. The level features jump pads, jump rings, and gravity portals, along with the Ball, Ship, and Robot forms of the character.

Nock Em (Hard 6⭐)

Nock Em shows the true capability of the new camera options that will soon be implemented into the main Geometry Dash game. The level begins with the character moving through the disco-like platforms until one of the platforms suddenly drops and he falls to the pit, and here is where the amazing camera transition is shown. In addition, to switch into different forms, the character breaks through the thin walls instead of passing through portals. This level also introduces the Wave and Spider forms of the character.

Power Trip (Harder 8⭐)

As the hardest level of the game, Power Trip offers less and less room for error, putting the players’ maneuvering skills to the ultimate test. Once again, the clever use of the camera creates a series of mesmerizing transitions when combined with the mirror mechanics. The mini portals are also first introduced in this level.

Other Games from the Geometry Dash Series

Geometry Dash

Geometry Dash is the main game in the series and the starting point for the game’s exploding popularity. Thanks to its simple and intuitive controls, catchy music, and various levels of difficulty, the game manages to keep people hooked during their first playing time. Apart from the standard level created by the developer, players can have plenty of fun with user-generated levels. In addition, Geometry Dash has continued to be updated by the developer up to this date.

Geometry Dash Lite

Geometry Dash Lite is the free-to-play version of Geometry Dash. The game includes the first 16 levels from the original game without being able to access the user-created levels, but offers the same challenging, addictive, and satisfying gameplay! 

Geometry Dash Meltdown

Geometry Dash Meltdown is one of the spin-off games from the Geometry Dash series. While the name of the game may suggest that it is the polar opposite of Geometry Dash SubZero, it features the same gameplay as the rest of the series. With fiery blazes as its main theme, Geometry Dash Meltdown contains three new levels with an increasing level of difficulty and much more detailed animation effects.

Geometry Dash World

Geometry Dash World is the newest entry in the Geometry Dash game series. While the game still features tons of catchy and well-animated levels, the setting of the game is completely different! Instead of choosing any level they want, players will need to progress through a level to unlock the next one, ultimately unlocking a brand-new island with even more levels to play!

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Happy gaming!