Basketball Stars

Basketball Stars

Basketball Stars

Become the best basketball player in thrilling matches at Basketball Stars. You will compete with the best basketball stars around the world. Show off your honed basketball skills. Immerse yourself in the noisy competition, with enthusiastic fans screaming in the stands. Don't let them down! Score the most points and become a legendary basketball star!

How To Play

Are you ready for the most anticipated and thrilling match this year? Choose single-player or two-player game modes. Your mission is to score the most goals against your opponents and defend to prevent them from doing that. In single-player mode, you will compete against the CPU in both defense and attack. Additionally, you can create a team to play with. In 2-player mode, invite friends to play with 3 sub-modes: 1vs1, 2vs2, and 2vs2CPU. Intuitive controls allow players to perform skillful ball skills. Dribble, throw, pass, and block accurately. You can also execute various special moves and combos to score points and defeat your opponents.

In addition, when winning and scoring goals, players will receive coins and rewards. Don't forget to use them to customize and unlock new basketballs and jerseys with better skins. Have fun!


1 Player

  • WASD key to move
  • B to shoot or perform an action
  • S to pump
  • V to super-shot
  • D twice to dash

2 Players

  • Arrow keys to move
  • L to shoot or perform an action
  • DOWN Arrow to pump
  • K to super-shot
  • LEFT Arrow twice to dash

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