3Dash is a fast-paced rhythm game where you will immerse yourself in a world of endless, risky escapes and bumpy roads. Maneuvering a powerful square, you will need to overcome a series of obstacles. The goal is to jump across unique graphic backgrounds and perform delicate moves to avoid all the dangers.

How To Play

Despite its similarities to Geometry Dash, 3Dash has a new and exciting feel. Far from having just one direction of movement, this creative challenge expands the variety by adding different directions of movement, from jumping up to running backwards. This creates interesting and unique experiences, making the game never boring. However, this is also an extreme challenge because the view on the map will rotate continuously. If you don't practice and get used to it, you will easily get stuck in all your control operations. Not just quick improvisations or precise keystrokes; you definitely need to lose many times to gain more experience to overcome.


Players click on the screen to make the cube jump up. Pay attention to the distance between landing points for accurate timing. Don't forget that the vibrant music can also help you in the dramatic situations of each dance. Besides, try many different strategic options to find a way to overcome complicated turning segments!

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