Geometry Craft 3D

Geometry Craft 3D


Geometry Craft 3D

Geometry Craft 3D is a colorful blend of the world of Geometry Dash and the creative design of Minecraft. Immerse yourself in a geometric world where your every move will be the key to overcoming every challenge. In this game, you will embark on a unique adventure through exciting and varied levels, with each level offering a new and exciting experience. The goal is to guide your sandbox character to jump, fly, and dodge dangerous obstacles to the pulsing beat of the music. Overcome increasingly difficult challenges to complete levels and unlock new secrets!

How To Play

Gamers use the left-click to maneuver each jump for the character. When you need to jump continuously, just hold down the mouse button and release the cube to return to normal operation. The timing of key presses is extremely important in every jump. Pay attention to the distance and speed of the main entity from the obstacle to quickly find a way to overcome it.

The stunning features

  • Geometry Craft 3D is the combination of the vibrant rhythm in Geometry Dash with the creative Minecraft’s pixelated design.
  • You will experience a series of uniquely designed levels with increasing difficulty, bringing new and unexpected challenges. When you complete 18 levels, you will officially conquer this unique rhythm platform game.
  • Choose and customize your Minecraft blocky character to your favorite style.
  • The gameplay and control of the main entity are simple.

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