Drift Hunters

Drift Hunters

Drift Hunters

Drift Hunters allows you to perform exhilarating high-speed races and breathtaking drifts! Show off your top racing skills on different racing terrains. Customize, upgrade, and unlock 26 new racing cars with different features and styles. Let Drift Hunters bring you the best and most diverse racing experiences!

How To Play

Get ready for spectacular car racing in this game! Choose your favorite racing and off-road vehicles, and start the race. We've prepared everything for the ultimate professional racing experience. Discover the most powerful features and engines in sports racing cars. Engage in high-speed races, navigate breathtakingly sharp turns, and push yourself to the limit! Furthermore, you can personalize the car with your own color, paint color, height, engine, turbo power, wheel width, and other features to improve efficiency and drifting ability. Conquer different racing tracks and show off your top skills.


  • 26 completely modifiable automobiles to race around the circuits.
  • Racetracks and city streets are just two of the ten unusual places.
  • When you tune your car to a finer degree, you can alter every part of it.
  • Web-based video game with highly customizable 3D visuals.


  • Drive the vehicle with the arrow keys or WASD keys.
  • The room can serve as a handbrake.
  • To move the camera, press C.
  • To move up a gear, press the left shift key.
  • Shift down a gear using the left Ctrl.

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