Geometrical Dash

Geometrical Dash

Geometrical Dash

Geometrical Dash is a game that challenges the player's ultimate key-pressing ability with dramatic obstacle-overcoming experiences. You will maneuver a brave cube that dares to face all difficulties. The goal is to overcome all barriers and reach the end. The designs on the map are not simple, with challenges constantly appearing. You will face a series of spiked blocks and complex hanging platforms. Besides, the constantly changing routes also increase the difficulty of the round. Only practice and gradual progress can help you achieve a glorious victory.


How To Play

Along with the arduous journeys, Geometrical Dash introduces you to two game modes: normal mode and practice mode. What is the difference between these two modes? Normal mode is the main game round that you need to complete to receive rewards. Meanwhile, Practice mode is a mode that helps you explore the map with checkpoints. Meaning, if a collision occurs, you'll continue at the nearest checkpoint instead of having to start over from the beginning. If you are not familiar with the cube's controls and movements, you should join Practice mode first. Then, try to remember the obstacle designs to find a way to overcome them in Normal mode.

Control your character

Players manage the cube's jumps by pressing the mouse button or the spacebar. To have an accurate key press time, you need to clearly determine the terrain ahead and the character's movement mechanism. Good luck!

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