Papa's Pizzeria

Papa's Pizzeria


Papa's Pizzeria

Become the manager of the best pizza restaurant in the city in Papa's Pizzeria. A restaurant in the famous restaurant chain of master chef Papa Louie. Learn how to make delicious pizza while also learning how to manage a restaurant that makes customers happy. Be the best restaurant manager and make Papa Louie proud!

How To Play

You are someone that Papa Louie trusts and entrusts with the task of managing this pizza restaurant. Your mission is to run the restaurant's entire operation, serving the best hot pizza in town while also operating and upgrading it. Take orders according to customer requests, make them happy, and give good reviews about your restaurant. Ensure that your business operations generate revenue and help to improve your restaurant. First, learn how to make a pizza.

There are four stations you need to understand:

The first is the ordering station, which receives customer order requests. Remember and move on to the next Topping Station. Here, start making pizza according to customer requirements. Layer meatballs, olives, onions, peppers, sauce, and more. Then move on to the Baking Station. Put the cake in the oven and wait for it to cook. Finally, move on to the Cutting station before packing the box and delivering it to the customer.

One point to note: please arrange the order correctly. Pre-orders are made in advance, one at a time, to ensure a reasonable time, so customers don't have to wait too long. With each amount of money you earn, use it to upgrade the restaurant, buy new equipment and furniture to make the restaurant operate better and more efficiently.

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