Parkour Block 2

Parkour Block 2

Parkour Block 2

Parkour Block 2 is back, challenging your parkour skills to the limit! Help Steve find a way out of the maze with precise jumps. Don't let any carelessness cause your character to fall into the dangerous lava and fire below. Use your dexterity and agility to accurately calculate each step!

How To Play

In this game, your task is to control the character Steve so that he can jump over blocks accurately. The blocks will be different, so be careful and calculate each jump accurately to go the farthest. Don't let Steve fall due to any carelessness; below is a pool of hot lava that will burn him. The game will be over! To become proficient with jumps, players need many hours of practice and to learn skills and lessons for each step. To complete the next level, it requires more skills because of the greater complexity. Pay attention to the slippery blocks; they can make your character fall at any time! Don't let that happen! Conquer 42 challenging levels with your ultimate parkour skills!


  • SPACE: jump
  • WASD: move
  • LEFT SHIFT running
  • To look around, swipe your mouse

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