Pumpkin Panic

Pumpkin Panic

Pumpkin Panic

Prepare for a thrilling survival adventure in Pumpkin Panic. Survive in a garden full of traps and dangerous ghostly creatures. Grow and develop your farm and business model. However, be wary of terrifying creatures; they will chase you and try to destroy you. Find more good seeds, and try to survive!

How To Play

Return to the cabin and take cover until whatever is making those strange noises goes away. The protagonist has to use a lamp to navigate at night. Continue venturing onto the island to discover new foes (or allies?) and perhaps even a way to escape this terrifying location!

A horde of moles is ready to plunder your pumpkin patch during harvest time. Protect the area with the help of a small black cat, and gather as many ripe pumpkins as you can before the clock runs out. Tell your cat to hide somewhere so they can't steal from you. Keep doing this until the pumpkins reach maturity, and then you can gather them again by guiding your cat to them. You can get more materials and enhancements from the workbench with the cash you earn by collecting mature crops. This includes better and more lucrative crops, faster transportation, and more water.

Tips and Tricks

  • Ignore sound at all costs. Upon finishing the first crop harvest and encountering one of the game's hostile animals, you will gain knowledge regarding musical hints. Every time it's about to appear, a foreboding tune plays beforehand. But there's also a creepy music box sound that you might hear late at night. No amount of ignoring or avoiding the source of the music—or the cabin's locked doors—will save you if you make that decision.
  • Few creatures can be outrun by your speed. Those bad guys in Pumpkin Panic can move really fast, sadly. They will probably catch you before you get inside the cabin, unless you're really near to the door. For that reason, you should always seek out preventative measures. As soon as you hear the foreboding music, rush inside the cabin. Stay away from this seemingly innocent monster. And there's more!
  • Gather anything you can find from the floor: Recycling anything you discover lying about the forest is a terrific method to increase your income. Also, you'll need a few things to set up the fishing pole, which is a good way to get cash.

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