Tunnel Rush

Tunnel Rush

Tunnel Rush

How far can you go in Tunnel Rush? This game challenges your hand-eye reflexes to the maximum extent. Explore endless paths, with a series of obstacles appearing along the way. Feel the fun, adrenaline-filled sounds as you navigate through constantly moving obstacles without causing any collisions!

How To Play

If you are ready for this challenging obstacle course, press the start button. Your task is to navigate through an endless, colorful 3D tunnel with a series of obstacles. The obstacles consist of horizontal red sticks scattered throughout the maze. They can lie still or move continuously, causing difficulty for you. Take control and rotate quickly to avoid obstacles. Don't let any collisions happen, or you'll have to start over. The further you go, the more interesting things you will discover inside the tunnel: they can change shapes and colors. A tip to help you go further: combine your hands and eyes to be agile and flexible, with lightning-fast reflexes to the sudden appearance of obstacles. Don't worry if you didn't get a high score. To master and train your reflexes, spend a lot of time practicing. Invite your friends to play and share your scores!


  • Left and right Arrow keys (A, D): Move left and right
  • Space: Pause or restart

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