Advertisement invites you to participate in extremely interesting missions. This game boasts a higher level. This game boasts a higher level of visual excitement compared to Among Us. Complete your plot to defeat your opponents before they defeat you. Earn poin. To win, intellectually and wisely plan a specific strategy.

How To Play

  • To succeed, crewmates must complete work efficiently while remaining attentive to any indications of suspicious conduct. You can convene a meeting with your other crew members to vote out the person you suspect of betraying the ship. However, claims have the potential to sow discord and mistrust within members of the group.
  • Meanwhile, traitors need to be crafty and sneaky to cause trouble and foil the crew's plans. A betrayer's capacity to covertly interrupt operations and eliminate crewmates instills terror in their unsuspecting victims. Ventilation systems allow traitors to move stealthily, enabling them to launch strategic attacks and evade capture.
  • The visual depth and immersion of surpass those of its forerunner, Among Us, elevating the intensity and thrill of every match. Every step you take, from carefully finishing jobs to systematically destroying your enemies, matters.

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