Bob The Robber

Bob The Robber

Bob The Robber

Get into Bob The Robber and pull off some daring heists! With his expertise in lockpicking and petty theft, Bob delighted in assisting others in need. The player faces off against guards, dangerous guard dogs, security cameras, and shadows. Wear your mask and slip through the levels with caution. If you want to be a good thief, the first guideline is to be silent and stealthy. Race through each level until you reach the end. Enjoy!

How To Play

The game challenges your intelligence and clever, stealthy actions. In each level, you must successfully commit a heist while evading capture. As you progress through the stages, you'll come across many obstacles, such as closed doors, secret treasures, terrifying guards, and vicious guard dogs! Pay close attention; the tiniest sound may send you tumbling. Breaking the door's lock and evading the guards will be your challenges. To go through some levels, you must disable the laser. Locate the fuse box, and cut the appropriate cable for that task. Dove headfirst into the shadows, waiting for the perfect opportunity to knock the guards out. To evade detection, take cover in the shadows, duck under the steps, or quickly advance until you're directly under the camera. Locate relevant evidence by solving a variety of puzzles as you make your way through various rooms and places. Stay one step ahead of the irritable guards, robots, and security cameras while you rack up coins and bonuses.


Arrows or WASD = Move, Spacebar = Hit, Up or W = Use

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