Brawl Stars Mega Simulator

Brawl Stars Mega Simulator


Brawl Stars Mega Simulator

Brawl Stars Mega Simulator helps you improve your agility when completing missions. Try to collect the most gems before your opponents within a specific time. Unlock countless mysterious treasure boxes and become the ultimate winner. Have fun!

How To Play

The thing you need to care about most in this game is improving your agility. Try to complete the mission before time runs out against formidable opponents. In each match, you will compete in teams and join other players. When time starts, your mission is to quickly collect as many gems as possible. Simply click on the gem that appears on the screen. Your opponent is also very quick; pay attention and react quickly. Pay attention to the screen area around the golden chest. The gems will appear in any position, one after another. Once you collect 10 gems, the game will count down for 15 seconds to determine the winner or loser. Will you join the winning team?


  • Exciting two-dimensional visuals
  • Simple interface
  • There are numerous exciting objectives to complete.
  • Hundreds of playable characters

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