Climbing Over It

Climbing Over It


Climbing Over It

Climb Over It challenges your climbing skills and patience. Instruct the character trapped in the cube to use his hammer to move. Using your arm to rotate the hammer rhythmically, step by step, helps the character move on all terrain. How far can you help him go?

How To Play

A cube traps your character, preventing him from moving with his feet. However, he is armed with a sturdy hammer. Help him use his hands skillfully, rotate the hammer firmly into the ground, and push himself forward to move. Step by step, help him move on flat roads, as well as rocks, high cliffs, and steep terrain. When climbing uphill, it will be more difficult; use a hammer to hold him firmly to help him avoid slipping and falling. Be careful in every move, and help him! Don't forget to collect diamonds along the way; this will help him unlock many new levels of terrain. Have fun!



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