If you're looking for a puzzle game that combines word guessing, try Dordle. It is a renowned edition of the Wordle word game series, offering a distinctive gameplay experience. The game challenges players to simultaneously guess two grid board, making it more challenging than the classic Wordle. Train your logical reasoning and word-guessing skills with a new mystery word updated every day.

How To Play

In contrast to traditional Wordle, which only solves one grid table, at Dordle, players are required to solve two grid board at the same time. This is a challenging and exciting challenge for Wordle game enthusiasts. Players use their reasoning skills and vocabulary to find a hidden secret word. Players only have a maximum of seven tries to find the five-letter secret word. After each try, the game feedbacks the level of accuracy through the color of the crossword:

  • Letters in the correct position (green)
  • Yellow: correct letter, but wrong position
  • Gray: The letter is wrong, and it is not in the word at all

To refine your next prediction, use color suggestions. Try to find the mystery word as quickly as possible, with as few guesses as possible. Share the results with friends and other members of the game-loving community. Have fun!

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