Elastic Man

Elastic Man

Elastic Man

Enjoy hours of entertainment with adorable elastic faces in Elastic Man! You don't have a specific mission; do whatever you want with this cute face. Pull, pinch your cheeks, or do whatever you like to relax!

How To Play

If you are looking for a relaxing entertainment game, you can try Elastic Man. You will be impressed with his cute face. In particular, this face has very good elasticity; no matter what you do to it, it will return to its original state. With smooth skin and chubby cheeks, it will be fun to pinch his cheeks, stretch his skin left or right, up or down, or rub his face. Use your mouse to move an exciting skin that moves like ocean waves. Enjoy hours of relaxation and stress relief while playing with this cute face.


  • Pleasant gameplay with simple controls
  • Super cool visuals and effects
  • The perfect method to alleviate tension
  • No task


  • You can play the game by clicking and dragging the mouse
  • To get the face back where it was, just let go of it

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