Geometry Clash Go!

Geometry Clash Go!


Geometry Clash Go!

Conquer new heights in the colorful universe of Geometry Clash Go! Control the block from bottom to top, avoiding spikes on both sides of the path and spikes that appear from all sides. Go as far as possible without encountering any collisions. Have fun!

How To Play

How far can you go without any crashes? Test your quick reflexes now! Your task is to control the small square block to overcome countless dangerous obstacles. Move left or right to avoid spikes that appear on both sides of the path or suddenly pop out from all sides. Pay attention to the path, which always changes in width and narrowness with rows of dangerously sharp spikes. Try to react quickly, without getting any scratches at the end of the level. Conquer all new levels and prove your skills.


To avoid spikes, move the character left or right.

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