Geometry Dash Zrist

Geometry Dash Zrist


Geometry Dash Zrist

Geometry Dash Zrist will be a game not to be missed for those who love platform games with consecutive obstacle-overcoming experiences. Players will enter a world filled with stacked square blocks. Your main character is also a cube that can jump with many different techniques. Your mission is to avoid all barriers and go the farthest. For white terrain, you can completely move on it, even if it is a barrier. However, red areas and gaps are challenges that need to be overcome. In particular, in addition to jumping up, your character can also bend down to avoid columns.

How To Play

The uniqueness of Geometry Dash Zrist also comes from the new rules in each stage. These are challenging transition segments with different movement properties of the cube and changes in terrain. You can participate in incredibly high jumps, dizzying gravity shifts, foggy roads, and so on. Each participant will have diverse experiences. It makes your entertainment not only boring but also extremely challenging. Join now and see how far you can go with your amazing skills!


Your cube requires a left mouse button to jump up and a right mouse button to crouch. Note that with each key press, the character can only maintain the state for a short time. Therefore, accurately timing each action is extremely important.

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