Geometry Jump

Geometry Jump

Geometry Jump

Geometry Jump is an exciting platformer game that will take you on an endless adventure. Players need to use skill and reflexes to overcome colorful obstacles. You will maneuver a blocky character who continuously jumps high to overcome spikes, columns, and dangerous walls. Besides, you can discover and collect 3 hidden coins scattered on each map to fully conquer these challenging rounds. However, remember that the most important goal is to guide your character without any collisions to reach the end.

How To Play

In Geometry Jump, players can participate in 15 rounds with increasing difficulty according to the appearance on the menu. You can follow the number of stars in the corner to know what the challenge level of that round is. Are you ready to explore space with heart-stopping thrills?

Explore the creative features

  • Character speed reduction feature. This is a great customization that makes this game so addictive. No more breakneck pace and speedy cube movements! You can click on the icon in the right corner of the screen to adjust the speed.
  • There are many levels with different difficulties. Gamers can participate in any round without unlocking conditions.
  • Diverse character interfaces Players can unlock different characters by watching a short advertisement.
  • The mystery coins in these maps are for completion purposes only. You are not required to collect them all in one playthrough.
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