Geometry Neon Dash

Geometry Neon Dash


Geometry Neon Dash

Immerse yourself in Geometry Neon Dash's vibrant music! A fast-paced game in the famous Geometry Dash series, with vivid, colorful cartoon graphics, provides a stimulating and enjoyable gaming experience. Control cute cartoon blocks to conquer dangerous thorny tracks. How far can you go?

How To Play

Geometry Neon Dash's gameplay is similar to that of traditional games. Your task is to control the block to move, avoid spikes by jumping. Pay attention to the consecutive spikes, requiring consecutive and quick jumps. Don't let any collision cause you to lose. Also, remember to collect yellow stars scattered along the way. You can use them to buy new skins for your puzzles. A special feature that makes the game more attractive but also more difficult is the fast pace. Players need to react as quickly as lightning to unexpected situations and obstacles that appear. To become proficient, players need a lot of time to practice and train their reflexes. Invite your friends to play and share their records!


Use your mouse and arrow keyboard to play

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