Rocketto Dash

Rocketto Dash


Rocketto Dash

Embark on a thrilling adventure in Rocketto Dash universe. Control a rocket through an endless tunnel filled with dangerous obstacles. The road is quite narrow, and the terrain is always changing, requiring quick and skillful reflexes. Share your new record!

How To Play

If you have ever played the popular Geometry Dash series, you are probably familiar with the gameplay of this fast-paced game. Rocketto Dash is a game inspired by Geometry Dash, but instead of navigating the block in a horizontal path, In this game, the player must control the rocket along the path from the bottom up. Go as far as possible! However, pay attention; the road has narrower sections, and obstacles constantly appear. It requires the player to have quick reflexes and skillfully guide the missile so as not to hit the sides of the road and sharp spikes along the way. Enjoy the exciting, fast-paced music that makes the game more thrilling and exciting. Have fun!


To avoid spikes and roadside hazards, use the mouse to control the rocket left or right. If you collide, you will have to start over. Go as far as possible!

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