Xmas Dash

Xmas Dash

Xmas Dash

Get into the warm, festive spirit of Christmas in Xmas Dash adventure. Forget the boring traditional game version, get ready to discover many new things in the snow-covered Christmas scene. Immerse yourself in the Christmas picture with beautiful and vivid graphics and exciting music. Guide the Santa block to avoid obstacles and explore the beautiful Christmas world.

How To Play

Forget the familiar graphics of the legendary Geometry Dash line, Xmas Dash has put on a beautiful Christmas color with a snow-covered road with pine trees and warm Christmas lights. The character blocks have also been updated with a cute Santa Claus interface. Your task is to control the character to overcome dangerous obstacles along the way: sharp spikes, saw blades, moving platforms, etc. Don't let any carelessness happen when you touch it.; the game will start again. All you need to do is perform high jumps, fly in the air with the reindeer, and enjoy the exhilarating and heart-pounding fun. Explore new worlds and enjoy exciting music in Xmas Dash!


To control, just touch the screen or press the spacebar to perform high jumps to avoid obstacles.

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