Getaway Shootout

Getaway Shootout

Getaway Shootout

Get ready for a crazy race in the platform game Getaway Shootout. Compete with other players in intense, chaotic action filled with excitement. Experience the captivating pixel graphics and vivid sound that will provide hours of unforgettable gaming.

How To Play

To start, choose a game mode and compete with AI or friends in two-player mode. Your mission is to overcome formidable opponents and become the first to reach the finish line by boarding a helicopter. Each level is designed with its own complex and dangerous obstacles, so pay attention to calculating accurately with each of your moves. Make jumps over dangerous platforms, dodging sudden explosions and grenades. To do this, players need to have quick reflexes and master the physics of the game. Don't forget to collect coins to unlock new characters with different abilities and attributes. From agility to brutal strength to the explosiveness of a destroyer, each character has a different, unique function and power to help you fight better. A tip to help you win better: come up with a smart, creative, and surprising playing strategy and use the appropriate power of each character. Have fun!


  • W and I- jump left
  • E and O- jump right
  • R and P - power-up

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