Magic Cat Academy

Magic Cat Academy

Magic Cat Academy

Embark on a thrilling adventure in the world of spooky magic at Magic Cat Academy. A game created by Google's design team with extremely impressive graphics and sound. Join Momo, the cat, as she fights off many different forms of ghosts with her magic wand. Help him destroy all the different demons using magic learned at the magic school. Have fun!

How To Play

What would you do if you owned a magic wand? In this game, help Momo the cat use super magic to fight against various monsters and ghosts. Each game level will provide a different theme and enemies to destroy. To eliminate these enemies, simply click and swipe your mouse in specific shapes. It can be vertical, horizontal, "v" shape, "ʌ" shape, or lightning. Lightning has the greatest power, helping to weaken all enemies. Additionally, remember to replenish your health by making a heart-shaped swipe. To win, you need to have different playing strategies for each given environmental level. Have fun!


  • Using the mouse, draw specific shapes that match the symbols on the ghost's head.
  • Horizontal and vertical lines, "v" and "ό" shapes, lightning bolts, and other shapes can all be swung in different directions. The majority of these motions generate lightning, which debilitates all of the screen's enemies.
  • At times, players can even draw hearts to receive additional life.

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