Snake Classic

Snake Classic

Snake Classic

Snake Classic tests your dexterity in controlling a snake. This popular and famous classic snake game is known for its simple yet highly addictive gameplay. Control the cartoon snake to score as many points as possible. Don't hit the frame or body. What is your highest score? Share your personal record with friends!

How To Play

If you have ever played the legendary snake game on an old phone, you will certainly be familiar with its gameplay. The gameplay is very simple. To collect points, you simply need to control the snake to move in a rectangular frame and eat flowers. Each edible flower will help the snake's body lengthen. Be careful when controlling it as its body gets longer; don't crash into its body or the rectangular frame. Otherwise, the game will end. There are 3 game modes: Easy, Hard, Hardest. Start with easy mode, and when you master it, try hard or hardest mode for more challenges. The game tests your dexterity and flexible control. Invite your friends to join and share your record results.


WASD or arrow keys

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