Only UP GO Parkour

Only UP GO Parkour

Only UP GO Parkour

In Only UP GO Parkour, embark on an exhilarating journey to scale the highest peaks! Control your character as you explore the abandoned city, and get ready to conquer great heights! Run and jump, do whatever you like, and help the character reach the top of the stairs!

How To Play

  • Feel free and relaxed in this parkour game because players will not have any specific goals. You can absolutely walk around and explore this quirky, abandoned city. However, remember, you need to help this curious guy conquer the highest peak no one has ever reached. To conquer the peak, make precise jumps with each step. Be careful with each jump. Don't fall; you will have to start again.
  • Don't worry if your jump is wrong; you need more time to practice and become more proficient. Spend many hours practicing to get used to each terrain and movement, mastering the control keys flexibly. Create a wise strategy to help you gradually conquer new heights every day. Seeing everything in the city from above is a wonderful thing that not everyone can do. Good luck!


  • To observe the surrounding terrain, move the mouse.
  • With the arrow keys, you can control character movements.
  • Spacebar to jump

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