Rainbow Obby

Rainbow Obby

Rainbow Obby

Rainbow Obby tests your packing capabilities to the limit. The climax is waiting for you to explore in a colorful 3D world. Navigate the character's running and jumping on high steps. Conquer the summit in an open world filled with many interesting things!

How To Play

A colorful world of levels in a large, open world is waiting for you to explore. Enjoy exploring this exciting and mysterious adventure. Your task is to direct the character to investigate the mystery at the towering peak. Running, jumping, and climbing on steps help you get closer to the peak that no one can reach. However, please calculate each step accurately. Don't be careless; if you fall, you will have to start over. The steps will always change, with varying distances and heights. Be careful and calm with every move you make!


  • Walk: use WASD to walk around
  • Jump: use the spacebar to jump

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