Get ready for exciting martial arts combat in Superfighters. Fight like a famous boxer, eliminate all formidable opponents, and become the winner. With exciting gameplay, fun sounds, and classic pixel graphics, each competition is more attractive and exciting. Choose your favorite pixel hero and start this exciting competition!

How To Play

You have the option to compete against computer-controlled opponents or local buddies in this game's multiplayer mode. To win in the end, you must eliminate all of your opponents. From firearms and explosives to melee weapons and other items found around the environment, you'll have your pick of the bunch. Press the spacebar to start the fight after you've chosen an arena stage and the number of competitors. Fight back and don't be beaten! Assault guns and flamethrowers are only two examples of the weaponry that the player can find in each level. In Superfighters, you'll need to arm yourself for intense combat and show off your fighting abilities.

Tips and tricks

To improve your fighting skills, pay attention and make good use of your surroundings. If you want to see your adversary burn to death in one level, all you have to do is shoot the explosive barrels that you'll find lying around. Use nearby furniture, such as chairs and tables, as an alternative. Hit them with your melee attacks, and your foes will suffer damage.


Arrow = Move, N = Melee, M = Shoot, ',' = Grenade, '.' = Increases strength

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