The Impossible Geometry Dash

The Impossible Geometry Dash


The Impossible Geometry Dash

The Impossible Geometry Dash will take you to a universe of diverse shapes and tricky terrains. Players will control a cube to participate in this irreversible journey. All you need to do is guide the character through obstacles and treacherous platforms to the finish line. You must not let any collisions occur; otherwise, the round will end immediately. A series of rounds with different difficulties are waiting for you to explore and conquer.

How To Play

The game has unique gameplay and continuous changes in challenges on the map. When participating in The Impossible Geometry Dash, you need to be ready to face barriers that appear continuously. You will not have time to rest because of these overwhelming challenges. However, this is also the factor that makes the game so attractive. Why don't you try to experience the exciting background music to see what's interesting? Who knows, maybe you can use music to get through these tough maps? In particular, players can try any round they want. Their difficulty level is not much different. Additionally, on each map, there are eight scattered coins. Collecting items can help you practice those subtle observation skills!


You just need to click on the screen to make the little cube jump up. Aligning the timing of your jump is extremely important because even a small collision can cause you to lose. Please practice many times to overcome this difficulty!

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