Geometry Portal Challenge

Geometry Portal Challenge


Geometry Portal Challenge

Geometry Portal Challenge is an innovative platform game deeply inspired by the hit Geometry Dash. Refresh your experiences with beautiful snow-covered winter routes! Get ready for unprecedented adventures with continuous changes through turns. There are no more levels with custom difficulty. Now, you will experience an endless road filled with dangers.

Say goodbye to the usual cube with flexible shape transformations during your adventure. At each restart, you will be accompanied by a random character. These are all familiar entity states in the Geometry Dash world. Not only that, when participating in Geometry Portal Challenge, players will also be challenged on diverse maps. Each turn you participate in will have unpredictable challenges. Your ultimate improvisation and key-tapping skills come under extreme threat. How to overcome sharp blocks and saw blades to go the farthest? Only you can experience it yourself and find a way to overcome it!

How To Play

First of all, you need to understand the movement characteristics of each character to have appropriate navigation. Your entity can be in the form of jumping on paths and platforms, or it can be in the form of moving through space. The unique terrain of each state also comes with a variety of character shapes.

Just by clicking the mouse button or the spacebar, you can control your character. Don't forget to practice to get used to different ways of moving and conquer impressive achievements!

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