Crazy Pixel Warfare

Crazy Pixel Warfare

Crazy Pixel Warfare

Crazy Pixel Warfare invites you to join the fierce battle for survival! A multiplayer 3D shooting game with colorful Minecraft graphics. Grab your weapons and get ready for an exciting battle. Aim and destroy the enemy! Take note of the hiding area and attack carefully!

How To Play

It's time to show off your shooting and survival skills in fierce Pixel Warfare matches. Select or create a game room to begin your adventure. Your ultimate goal is to use a weapon equipped with a pistol. Aim and shoot continuously to eliminate enemies before they attack you. Compete with famous shooters from all over the world. Prove your shooting and fighting skills by becoming the last survivor! Invite your friends to join, and challenge them!


WASD = movement, R = reload, 1-6 = weapon, Tab = menu.

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