Dino Game

Dino Game

Dino Game

Dino Game offers an endless race through dozens of obstacles with legendary dinosaur characters. Surely we are no strangers to the dinosaur running game on Google Chrome every time we lose an internet connection. That's right, control the dinosaur to run as far as possible, avoiding obstacles. How far is your record distance?

How To Play

Dino Game's gameplay is very simple. The player just needs to guide the dinosaur to jump on the platform, avoiding the cacti scattered along the way. Although the gameplay is simple, going far is not easy. Calculate each of your jumps accurately; don't let any mistakes cause you to crash. The game will end! Moreover, watch out for birds flying overhead (pterodactyls); they can attack you. To avoid their attack, crouch down. The further you go, the faster the game becomes, which requires quick reflexes. Have fun!

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