Geometry Dash Paper Note

Geometry Dash Paper Note


Geometry Dash Paper Note

Geometry Dash Paper Note will take you to the colorful world of complex and dangerous geometries. When playing as a small cube, first of all, find yourself a satisfactory interface with a series of diverse characters. You don't need to do any quests to unlock these characters. Then, prepare yourself for a non-stop adventure. You will take on challenges with a series of obstacles and dangerous terrain. The goal is to try to avoid collisions and go as far as possible.

How To Play

Geometry Dash Paper Note offers a completely new visual experience with meticulously hand-drawn and artistic levels. On each restart, players will be challenged with unique designs. This feature increases the difficulty of the game because you do not know what difficulties lie ahead. There is only practice to master your precise key-pressing skills. Additionally, focus on tracking the nature of your character's movements and finding a variety of strategies. The pace of the round will be extremely dizzying, but nothing is impossible. Wishing you a fun and entertaining time with impressive achievements!


You just need to click on the screen to control your cube. Pay attention to the characteristics of each jump of the main entity to have reasonable alignment strategies. You can hold down the mouse to make the character jump continuously with evenly spaced steps.

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