Paper Dash

Paper Dash


Paper Dash

Paper Dash will take you into the world of paper with doodles. Who would have thought that these seemingly simple drawings would make your round a real challenge? Experiencing the not-so-long but difficult roads in this game is also an entertainment option worth trying. You will control a cube (of course, it is also a cute drawing) to participate in these impressive journeys. Your task is to guide the character to avoid sharp spikes and unknown spaces, jump onto safe platforms, and reach the location of a vortex.

How To Play

Each round of Paper Dash will have three stars located in different positions. To completely conquer the level, you need to try to collect all of these items. When you reach the end of the map, you can open up rounds with higher difficulty. When you complete all 20 levels, you will officially become a master of this interesting game. The game requires acumen and the ability to press keys accurately. The drama in each jump will bring a heart-stopping thrill. Are you ready for this epic adventure?


You just need to click on the screen to make the character jump. To make a higher jump, press the mouse button twice.

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